Root Canals

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A severe toothache can mean that you have a potentially deep tooth infection. In the past, if your tooth became compromised by a deep tooth infection, the only option was to have the tooth extracted. Tooth extraction poses its own risks, so thankfully we have another option for many of these cases.

Root canal therapy allows us to combat deep tooth infections, without having to remove your tooth. During a root canal, our skilled team will gently remove infected pulp inside your tooth. Once the infected pulp has been removed, we will clean out your tooth to remove harmful bacteria, and put in a special antibiotic. Finally, we will seal the clean and decay-free tooth.

To better protect your treated tooth, most root canals require a dental crown to be placed. The dental crown works to strengthen your natural tooth and protect it from further exterior damage. We use beautiful and natural-looking porcelain crowns, so you don’t have to worry about how your tooth looks or functions.

If you have experienced some, or in particular multiple of the following signs, it might mean that you need a root canal:


  • Swelling | If you are experiencing chronic swollen gums around your tooth, you are more than likely fighting an infection that may require a root canal.
  • Sensitivity | A sensitive tooth is not always a sign that you have an infection, but if the sensitivity continues, you might need a root canal in the future.
  • Severe Chronic Toothaches | If you are experiencing a severe, chronic toothache, it can mean that your tooth is struggling with infection. If this infection has gone too deep into your tooth, a root canal may be required.
  • Abscesses | If an abscess forms on your gums around your tooth, your tooth is probably fighting a losing battle against tooth infection. In most situations, a root canal can rid you of the abscess and return you to better oral health.

Root canal therapy has been a great option for patients struggling with deep tooth infections, and has improved the lives of people across the globe. We can effectively and safely administer root canals to you and your family, and will do our best to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed for the procedure.

Do you have any questions about root canals, or how we can help you keep your mouth happy and healthy? Give us a call today!